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Shure Wireless Microphone System, Axient Digital, will be implemented across the entire P&O Cruise fleet in due course


London, United Kingdom - May 2024 — P&O Cruises has embarked on using Shure Axient® Digital Wireless System for guests to enjoy the best audio during its spectacular theatre shows and live music performances. The upgrade was made in partnership with world-leading sound design and equipment rental company, Autograph Sound.

P&O Cruises needed a wireless system that could ensure phenomenal audio for the audience to enjoy a multi-faceted luxury leisure experience utilising cutting edge audio visual technology. Autograph Sound has led the fleet-wise wireless system upgrade programme, which required efficiency, reliability, and outstanding performance that could comply with the 700MHz Clearance Regulation Programme in the UK.

Autograph Sound turned to Shure Axient Digital Wireless System, which was well-received during the initial installation and then was chosen for the fleet-wide upgrade program. In due course, Shure’s Axient Digital Wireless System will be implemented across the entire P&O Cruise fleet.

Each ship has been equipped with a range of Shure Axient Digital and ULX-D equipment, including AD1, ADX1M, AD2 and ADX2 ShowLink™ handheld wireless microphone transmitters with BETA58A & KSM capsules and the new Shure Axient® Digital AD600 Spectrum Manager, as well as a wide array of remote antennae, rechargeable batteries, modules and rack charging stations.

Scott George, Autograph Sound’s Group Operations Manager, emphasised:

Apart from delivering exceptional audio quality, the ability to seamlessly switch frequencies using the Shure AD600 Digital Spectrum Manager for outdoor use was essential, ensuring quick and accurate frequency adjustments dictated by outside use in constantly-changing locations.

Cruise ships present unique challenges when it comes to audio requirements, owing to their constant movement. While there are no frequency usage issues within the ships, appropriate frequencies must be selected according to location when used on deck in different ports. Furthermore, reliability is of paramount importance, as the technical crews need to trust that the units will work reliably when activated.

Scott George comments:

The client is thoroughly impressed with the system, particularly the ADX1M compact bodypack transmitter. Its ideal form factor with rounded corners and concealed antennae makes it perfect for hiding within costumes - they also appreciate its remarkable reliability and exceptional audio quality.

Highlighting the standout features of Shure Axient Digital Wireless System for this project, George added:

Beyond its reliability and audio performance, the transition from alkaline batteries to rechargeable li-ion batteries marks a significant leap forward in sustainability and environmental credibility.

Autograph's experienced personnel were present onboard the ships during the commissioning phase, offering support and troubleshooting services as needed. With over 600 channels of Shure Axient Digital Wireless Microphone System in its hire inventory, Autograph Sound is well-acquainted with the system's capabilities, with large systems in daily use on productions and tours including Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Les Misérables (Holland), 42nd Street, Book of Mormon, Mamma Mia (international), and The Ocean At The End Of The Lane.

Commenting on their confidence in Shure’s Wireless System, Axient Digital, George states:

We appreciate Shure's commitment to reinventing every component and accessory to create the Axient Digital Wireless System, based on feedback from end-users. The result is a versatile product range that fulfils the requirements of contemporary users from West End shows to cruise ships.

A P&O Cruises spokesperson commented:

Across theP&O Cruises fleet we stage show-stopping, world class entertainment seven nights a week, 365 days a year, and we need reliable, adaptable radio-microphones to be able to handle the variety of formats. The Shure Axient Digital Wireless system is perfect for the application and Autograph’s expertise has made the integration on board smooth and effective.

We are proud and privileged to be able to work on such huge scale projects with Autograph. Our strong foundations and relationship have been built over the years based on trust and a shared passion to deliver the best audio solutions for clients, no matter what the brief. It’s been a privilege to see Shure products implemented on P&O Cruise ships and we are pleased that passengers and crew will be able to enjoy the best quality audio experience on board for years to come.

(Peppe Mallozzi, Regional Sales Manager UK, Pro Audio at Shure)

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