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Experts Trust Shure's New Wireless "MoveMic" Clip-On Microphone to Document the Endangered Munda Languages of India


With nearly a century of experience making the world’s voices heard, Shure values the importance and impact of the spoken word. Unfortunately, almost half of the 7,000 spoken languages in the world are under the threat of becoming extinct. According to the Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages, over 3,400 languages are currently at risk of disappearing. A language is lost every three to four months, which is likely faster than ever before in human history.

The extinction of a language results in the decline of linguistic diversity, and a tragic loss of a rich repository of human knowledge about the natural world, including information about plants, animals, ecosystems, and cultural traditions. Much like biodiversity is imperative to maintaining healthy ecosystems, language diversity plays a critical role in promoting social empowerment and preserving our collective human history and cultures.

As the leading global manufacturer of broadcast-quality audio equipment, Shure is in a unique position to support Living Tongues’ mission of safeguarding the world’s languages and cultures from extinction through documentation, collaboration, and language revitalization.


Documenting the world’s languages and cultures requires capturing audio from some of the most remote and physically demanding locations on earth. For this reason, Living Tongues is trusting Shure’s brand-new MoveMic Wireless Clip-On Microphone System to archive high-fidelity recordings that communities can then use to preserve their language and transfer it to future generations.

When we talk about linguistic analysis, we really need to record a good, representative sample in high-quality. The MoveMic lavalier microphones are perfect for our needs,” explained Dr. Luke Horo, Senior Researcher in Phonetics at Living Tongues. “They’re compact and discreet and easy to use, meaning that people are able to vocalise naturally without distraction.

The durable MoveMic series connects directly to smartphones in both one and two microphone configurations, making transportation easy and interview setup hassle-free for Living Tongues’ team of language experts. While large microphones, wires and intrusive technology can distract from the conversation or intimidate the interviewee, MoveMic’s discreet, clip-on form make on-the-go interviews seamless.

When on location, Living Tongues’ team needs to be certain they are ready to capture audio at a moment’s notice, making extended battery life essential. Each Shure MoveMic wireless clip-on microphone provides up to 24 hours of recording in every full charge. The MoveMic Receiver enables Living Tongues to seamlessly connect the microphone system to their other devices, including cameras, computers, and third-party smartphone apps.

With a heritage of developing some of the most fully-featured and reliable wireless audio gear, Shure has the distinct honour to support organisations that depend on this technology to do their work,” shared Eduardo Valdes, Associate Vice President of Global Marketing and Product Management, at Shure. “It’s been an absolute pleasure equipping Living Tongues with MoveMic and watching how this noble organisation executes its work in some of the most extreme conditions while still capturing flawless wireless audio.

Shure is honoured to have helped researchers from Living Tongues document Santali, a Munda language of India, and pledged to provide the organisation with ample MoveMic Kits over the next three years along with funding for future research.


Preserving the language and culture of our neighbours requires the support of a global community. If you’re interested in learning how you can help Living Tongues continue to make an impact, we recommend reviewing the organisation’s mission and opportunities at

For more information about the new Shure MoveMic Wireless Clip-On Microphone System, visit:

Visit to read an in-depth interview with Living Tongue’s President, Founder, and Director, Dr. Gregory D.S. Anderson, Ph.D.

About Living Tongues

Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages is a registered 501(c)(3) organisation that was founded in 2005 by linguist Dr. Gregory D. S. Anderson and has research teams around the globe. As leaders in the field of endangered language documentation, Living Tongues stands at the intersection of linguistics and community activism. Their mission is to ensure language survival for generations to come.

Living Tongues Institute runs an online platform called Living Dictionaries. It is a free, mobile-friendly, multimedia dictionary-builder for under-represented languages. It currently serves 400+ languages worldwide, with a user interface available in 14 languages. Its goal is to serve all 3,000+ endangered languages worldwide. As of December 2023, the platform houses over 209,000 dictionary entries.

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