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Gemma Robinson

Cirrus Logic, Audioscenic, and Zylux reveal laptop design featuring multichannel spatial audio at Computex 2024

Audioscenic Amphi position-adaptive 3D sound drives next-level listening experience that heralds the future of Windows PC laptops

Taipei, Taiwan - Audioscenic, the award-winning audio technology innovator, today revealed a multichannel laptop reference design built through a special collaboration with industry leaders Cirrus Logic and Zylux. Laptop manufacturers are turning to audio quality to achieve a competitive edge in high-end models, and this multichannel speaker array design offers a glimpse into the future. The reference design combines Audioscenic Amphi position-adaptive 3D sound with DSP smart amplifier technology from Cirrus Logic, and micro-transducers from Zylux. Computex 2024 attendees can experience the reference design demo at the Audioscenic meeting room located at the Courtyard Taipei on the 9th Floor.

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With advanced industrial design techniques, OEMs are making laptops lighter and thinner to meet consumer demand for mobility. This accelerating trend poses major challenges for stereo audio playback quality including diminished output volume and restricted stereo imaging. An array of small speakers powered with the multichannel beamforming technology intrinsic to Audioscenic Amphi can dramatically increase output and render enveloping, immersive spatial audio.

Together with our project collaborators at Cirrus Logic and Zylux, we strongly believe that multichannel audio is the way forward to achieve 3D sound immersion without fatiguing headphones or clunky home theatre systems,” said Marcos Simon, CTO and Co-Founder of Audioscenic. Dr. Simon is an expert in loudspeaker array and sound field control with more than a decade of research experience in the field of virtual acoustics. "This reference design advances sound field control for consumer electronics and redefines what is possible to achieve in 3D sound on the laptop form-factor.

Using the built-in laptop webcam, Amphi uses Machine Learning to sense the alignment of the listener's ears relative to the laptop screen. This positional data enables beamforming, and drives a process called cross-talk cancellation that unlocks spatial cues within music, movies, conference calls, and more to deliver exceptional 3D sound to the listener. Beamforming controls the size, shape, and direction of the acoustic wave directed to the listener. Cross-talk cancellation uses a remarkable filter process to separate left from right sound channels over speakers. Together, these technologies enable listeners to perceive the full spatial soundscape embedded in content delivering hyper-real, accurate sound localization, maximized depth perception, and panoramic width that extends beyond the physical speakers.

Achieving spatial audio realism requires well-matched speakers that can be controlled to output without distortion in compact form factor designs. For this multichannel laptop project, Zylux contributed powerful micro-transducers designed to meet that rigorous standard. “For decades, Zylux has been serving multiple well-known brands in the PC laptop market as the audio solution provider," said Zylux CEO Will Lu. "We are excited to contribute to this advanced technology solution together with Audioscenic and Cirrus Logic to help further enhance audio performance in the limited mechanical space available in our customer's laptop products."

To learn more about this one-of-a-kind reference design, experience theatre-like sound on a laptop, and meet the Audioscenic team of experts, Computex 2024 attendees can visit Audioscenic at the Courtyard Taipei on the 9th Floor in the Mountain Meeting room located at No.359, Section 7, Zhongxiao E Rd, Nangang District, Taipei City, Taiwan 11561.

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