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Gemma Stenberg


New Line-up Offers Colour Match, Holographic and Richmond and Finch designs; Universal MagSafe Stand and Grip and Slim Wallet

CLCKR the mobile phone accessory company, announced today a new line-up of multi-functional stand and grip products which are available for the highly anticipated iPhone 13 release. The product line includes phone cases with built-in CLCKR stand and grips, as well as a Universal CLCKR that fixes directly to a device. New designs include Colour Match options to the new iPhone 13 colours, holographic designs and a collaboration with Richmond and Finch. Additionally, a MagSafe Universal product and updated Slim Wallet will be available this Autumn. All CLCKR products help elevate the experience of the new iPhone 13 with portrait and landscape functionality and a grip for a safe hold.


iPhone 13 Protection In Style CLCKR’s stylish products complement the iPhone 13 with sleek curves and clear cases that show off the device. CLCKR’s stand and grip cases are rigorously tested and feature up to 6 feet drop protection. The CLCKR sturdy grip helps prevent tired hands and drops, making accidents less likely. Slimmer than any other product on the market at only 42mm thick, the CLCKR stand and grip easily slips into your pocket and won’t add unnecessary bulk.

Mobile Entertainment and Content Creation CLCKR’s versatile stand holds the iPhone 13 in three different viewing positions (portrait, landscape and an angled conference call mode) to make it easy to FaceTime or binge-watch favorite shows hands-free. The stand and grip design allows iPhone 13 owners to take a great selfie and create content by providing a solid fixed position for the camera in different orientations and a comfortable hold on the device while shooting.

CLCKR Products Available for iPhone 13 - The CLCKR stand and grip cases for iPhone 13, 13 Pro & 13 Pro Max will be available in Clear, Saffiano Black and Saffiano Blue, all priced at £29.99. - The Universal CLCKR stand and grip is available in some colours matched to the iPhone 13 including blue, green, purple, grey and red. Additional products include holographic designs in purple and pink and a collaboration with Richmond and Finch in Green Zebra and Leopard. Prices for the new products start at £12.99 - A MagSafe Universal product will be available in October for £24.99. - A new version of The Wallet with a slim design that holds up to two credit cards will be available in October for £19.99.

ABOUT CLCKR CLCKR is a patented universal and multi-functional mobile phone stand grip, enabling multiple viewing positions for people who love to consume or create content and stay in touch – whether at home or on-the-go. CLCKR is available as the Universal CLCKR – a stand and grip which is easy to apply using 3M™ adhesive that does not leave residue – or incorporated into the design of phone cases for a variety of phone models and sizes. CLCKR’s grip enables a firmer hold and safer use of your device, and its stylish and ultra-strong design is compatible with most wireless chargers. There are numerous uses for CLCKR, positioning your mobile phone in portrait, landscape or conference call mode. CLCKR stands by you – to stay connected with other people, watch videos or create content.